Before periodontal TreatmentAfter periodontal TreatmentThe dental speciality that treats gum related diseases. Periodontics also covers apart from the gums (gingera), the layers covering the root of the tooth (cementum), the soft tissue between the tooth root and the jaw bone holding the tooth (periodontal ligament), and the part of the jaw bone holding the tooth (alveolac bone). Common periodontal diseases are, The diseases of the Gum called Gingivitis, and Conditions involving chronic and progressive degeneration periodontal ligament, cementum and the alveolac bone.

The gums get infected and tend to bleed when scaling and polishing are not done regularly. The infection causes a bad odour in the mouth, leading to bad breath. The bleeding gums and bad mouth smell are easily treatable as the cause of the problem is bacteria. Once we remove the bacteria the problem settles down. Scaling is done and if needed Gum curettage is done. In advanced cases, gum surgery may also be needed. We have dedicated specialists, doctors and technicians to cater to all your requirements coming under this field.

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