Metal free all porcelain - ceramic crown

Metal free all porcelain - ceramic crown

AfterBeforeReplacement of old acrylic crowns with metal free all porcelain - ceramic crown : At our clinic, we recommend white, mercury-free crown made of porcelain. Like onlays and inlays, dental crowns are made to order for a custom fit. Affixed atop a cracked or extensively decayed tooth, mercury-free crowns restore strength, aesthetics, and function.

Do you see a dark ugly line around your existing crowns? That is a tell tale sign that you have an old crown with metal underneath the porcelain. The black line or metal appears when the gum line recedes. Today, we no longer have to deal with this aesthetic problem because our mercury-free crowns are fully made of porcelain to match your natural tooth shade. Porcelain crowns look great on the day you have them delivered and will continue to look great for years to come.

We offer alternatives to traditional titanium implants. Made from ceramic, Zirconium implants allow you to replace missing teeth in a holistic fashion.

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