Tooth Jewellery

Tooth Jewellery

Sparkling Tooth Jewelleryzirconium Tooth JewelleryToday, people are becoming increasingly selfconscious about their appearance and smile. If you want to make your smile even more bright and attractive as well as to emphasis your personality, you can put tooth jewellery on the tooth.

Fixing tooth jewellery on your tooth is a purely cosmetic procedure and a decision of the individual. Depending on the wishes, a real precious stone or zirconium (half precious stone) can be put on your tooth. Zirconium exists in many colours and can be put on any tooth you wish (discrete or striking).

Tooth jewellery is of two types tooth gems, and twinkles that are attached to anterior healthy tooth with composite resin cement. They shine brightly, splashing bright rays around them and emphasizing the natural whiteness of enamel and add sparkle to a smile. They are bonded to tooth without pain, infection, drilling.

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